GCP Report service link is only accessible if user already has a Clarity session
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GCP Report service link is only accessible if user already has a Clarity session


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When we tried to click a report link from the report notification email with no browser open with Clarity session, the page navigation went to error page:

- /niku and /pm notification links work and will bring the user to the project page
- Unless there is a valid Clarity session, we do not see the report service direct link work even without SSO enabled


Release : 16.1.0


Per Engineering the reported issue in DE67823 - GCP is not redirecting /reportservice, is working as per design.

This is working as per design. You can access JSFT in 2 ways:
1) JSFT standalone, where you have a JSFT accessible on URL. You will be prompted a JSFT login screen, where you provide the JSFT user credentials (with or without tenant) and login to JSFT.

2) JSFT integrated with Clarity, where you access /reportservice within Clarity (as tenant user). As we are connecting to JSFT as tenant user, you need to login to clarity, so that tenant and user is identifiable at the JSFT. Hence, if you need to access /reportservice using Clarity domain, it is MUST to have a clarity valid session. Without which JSFT will throw 403 forbidden http status and this is expected by design. Since inception, this is how is the behaviour.

This holds true for email notification from JSFT.

And if we need to get the Jaspersoft report output without Clarity session in, the best way is to use the option is to include the report output in the mail notification tab of Jaspersoft..