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Top 5 SLA Report in Operator Console is not affected by alarm filters


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In the alarms tab of the operator console there is a widget that shows the top 5 SLMs. (Top 5 SLA) This will always show the top5 of ALL SLMs that exist in the entire environment and seems to ignore filters/views. For example, when looking at the alarms of a certain device the top5 SLM widget will still list SLMs that are not related to this specific device.

Should the SLA Report show only the related to entities of the current filters/views?


Release : UIM 20.4


Working as designed


The TOP 5 SLA was launched with UIM 20.4 (OC alarm Viewer) and displays the list of top five Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compliance or non-compliance for the current period. It is an Optional report/summary in OC Alarm Viewer (you can either decide to show it or hide it). 

This top 5 SLA report is static and it was not designed to be affected by the Alarm Filters. The alarms and the SLA's are picked up from different tables and there is no direct relation possible between alarm filters and SLAs. 

An alarm filter could never determine a logic under which a subset of SLA should be allowed to show on the top 5 SLA