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Is LU02640 required for Datacom/AD 15.1 under z/OS 2.5?


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Why does Datacom/AD 15.1 need LU02640 for z/OS 2.5? We are only using datacom/ad for the MUF for CA7 12.1


Release : 15.1


LU02640 states that under z/OS 2.5 the COBOL preprocessor makes an invalid memory request and Datacom Module DBXMMPR terminates with a S047 abend at start up. This affects the SQL component of Datacom but CA7 does not run any SQL Cobol precompiles, so LU02640 is not needed for Datacom/AD. This PTF is mainly for Datacom/DB users who make use of the COBOL SQL Precompiler.

Note: No other Datacom/AD using applications (such as ca7, jobtrac, ENF) do not run any COBOL SQL precompiles ( run by module DBXMMPR). So it's not a problem if LU02640 has not been applied yet for Datacom/AD users.