Leading Zeros In Modern Custom Object > Export To CSV and Import from CSV
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Leading Zeros In Modern Custom Object > Export To CSV and Import from CSV


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Steps To Reproduce:

1.Set up autonumbering on custom object with leading zeros.

2. Set up a view with fields to export to CSV

3. Click Actions > Export To CSV and make sure to save it as a CSV file.

4. Review the CSV file with Notepad. Upon opening, the file needs be a CSV in content.

Expected: The leading zeroes should appear.

Actual: The leading zeroes do not appear.

If it does not appear, when importing back in, it will create new records and instead of treating it as an updated record, it will create a new row, as it treats the ID as a new unique record. 00120 vs 120

Curently, how can the list be updated or have records added?


Release : 16.1.0


The Import From CSV will allow records to be updated and added/created.

Use the following example text file showing the CSV (comma-separated) with minimum fields:

"ID","Name","Created Date"

A. To update records, use the following sample:

"ID","Name","Created Date"

B. To add records, use one ore more lines in the following sample:

Additional Information

Currently, leading zeroes are required, else a new record will be created.

The following sample will insert new records.

"ID","Name","Created Date"


The following sample will update the records:
ID,Name,Created Date

Although it can be used as a workaround, it does require time.

This is reported as DE67878/DE67827 and is resolved in 16.1.1.