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Alarm ID uniqueness in Spectrum causing multiple tickets in our ticketing system


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum


We are having an issue with the ticket integration with IBM Netcool for DX NetOps PM events.  Alerts from the same device and for same CPU are creating alarms that have unique AlarmID's resulting in several tickets being created for one issue.


Release : Any


When Spectrum generates a new alarm, Spectrum will assign that alarm a unique alarms id. This alarm id is assigned sequentially. At no time will there ever be two alarms from the same SpectroSERVER with the same alarm id.

This is the root cause of the issue reported. 

Spectrum generates an alarm of a model for issue X and assigns the alarm an alarm id. A short time later, this alarm is cleared.

Then, a short time later, Spectrum generates the same alarm for issue X so a new alarm id is assigned. Then a short time later that alarm is cleared.

Spectrum asserts and clears several of these alarms over a short period of time. This results in multiple tickets being created for the same issue.


In Spectrum, even though these alarms are for the same issue, they are separate, individual alarms with unique alarm ids. We cannot tell Spectrum if an alarm is generated and cleared and then generated again a short time later for the same issue, to assign the new alarm the same alarm id as before.