How to Upload Dump to Case FTP Directory using SFTP
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How to Upload Dump to Case FTP Directory using SFTP


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How to Upload Dump or documentation to a Case FTP Directory using SFTP? Site network security team requires that all transmission of data in or out of the site be encrypted.


Release : 16.0


Currently sites can use either standard FTP, FTPS (aka FTP/SSL), or SFTP(SSH FTP). Batch support for the https protocol is very limited and is not currently supported for the

The easiest method is to use FTPS, as it works with the z/OS allocated file directly. SFTP requires that the dump file first be copied to the USS environment, and then the SFTP process will run in that environment.

Attached are two sample JCL files.

SFTP Upload to Case.txt Note: this job uses SSH SFTP. Sample SFTP JCL to upload files into the Broadcom case files directory (typically files_from_customer) from a z/OS OMVS (or USS) filesystem.   

Secured FTP Terse.txt Note: this job uses Standard FTP or Explicit Secure FTP with TLS. Sample FTP JCL to Terse and upload z/OS files to the files_from_customer directory on

For Keyring/Certificate Configuration for ACF2, Top Secret and RACF see attached file. 

Secured FTP Terse Keyring Certificate Configuration.txt


1671628385840__Secured FTP Terse.txt get_app
1671628337709__Secured FTP Terse Keyring Certificate Configuration.txt get_app
1671566333954__SFTP Upload to Case.txt get_app