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DS 8.x - Ghost Imaging might fail with error 651 if full imaging path exceeds 263 characters


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IT Management Suite Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


In some occasions (especially when performing a CEM imaging) when ghost image file path might exceed 263 characters. Ghost will truncate this path when generating next span (path will be truncated from the end to 259 chars and then "xxx.ghs" will be appended to truncated string, but such path is invalid and ghost fails to find span)


Release : 8.6 up to RU3


For on-prem environments issue is less likely to occur. But in case with CEM imaging, when additionally we add imaging proxy ( it might exceed expected limits.


Fixed version of Ghost will be released with ITMS/CMS 8.7

In case if you require this Ghost binary (build 11526), please contact Broadcom Technical Support and refer to this article.

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