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Latency, Packet Loss, Response time data collection directly from Data Collector


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I would like to ask you if CAPM is measuring ping data or if it can be enabled in application? I mean here Latency, Packet Loss, Response time.

I know it can be measured based on IPSLA probes for Cisco or RPM probes for Juniper but here I mean something little different.
Data should be collected and showed on report for results between CAPM Data Collector and monitored device - so it would represent the same data like I would do ping command on data collector to device.


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Configuration / Functionality


In regards to Response time it is collected using the Reachability Metric Family for devices that are using ICMP.

We do not have a solution to collect latency or packet loss information that would fulfill your requirements.