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Is it possible to query AXA data from DX-Dashboards?


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


In DX-Dashboards, is it possible to select AXA Session Events as a Data Source, and once selected a number of secondary indices which from their names sound like they come from AXA.  How can these be used?  If does not seem possible to change primary index from ao_axa_session_events_1_*.  Is there documentation and/or youtube tutorials on building dashboards to display AXA data?   The DX-Dashboards documentation page Data Sources ( does not mention AXA.

The following secondary index dropdown shows a number of what appear to be AXA related indices:


Release : SAAS


Spoke with some field people.  Here is what they said.

If you go to Discover you get the Kibana interface which shows you the index being used.  It's also an easy way to build your query so that you're getting the data you want