uxadd note - impossible to add multiple lines
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uxadd note - impossible to add multiple lines


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


I would like to insert a Note with multiple lines (ie. adding a special character such as \n), the same way I can do it using UVC:

But unfortunately, this does not work, as if I try to create a second "uxadd note" command, it will try to overwrite the first one:

uxadd note nseq=4176329 note="note 1/2 - TEST 1"

uxadd note nseq=4176329 note="note 2/2 - TEST 2"
Object already exists error
command in error!!

And if I try to add the end of line character inside the note value, it will not be interpreted:

uxadd note nseq=4176329 note="note 1/2 - TEST 1 \n  TEST2"


Release : 6.x and 7.x

Component: Dollar Universe Application Server (Node)

Functional Area: Command line for adding Notes on a Job Run


Limitation of the command line


Unfortunately, it has not been the scope of the command line "uxadd note" to allow creating multiple lines on the same uproc number as the UVC Interface does.

In case you would like this feature to be added, please create or vote the Idea in the community

As a workaround, you will have to use the Univiewer Console interface for such operation or create the note in one single line.