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KB searches display incorrect related documents in Service Point.


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


We have encountered a problem displaying KB documents via Service Point. These are the steps to reproduce the problem:

1. In Service Point, open any KB, you will notice that there is no "related documents" part.
2. Open a KB that has a related document
3. Close the previously opened KB and open any KB again, you will notice that now all of them are related to the KB of point 2

Steps to reproduce.

First search:  end user searches for KB content that results in articles that contain no Related Documents.  In this case, on Service Point, enter a given search term and run a search.  Select and view any article that contains no Related Documents.

Second search:  end user searches for KB content that does expose documents that have related articles.  In this case, close the given KB article display, and search on a new search term.  Choose a result that does contain a Related Document.

If one then chooses to redo the First Search again and access the same article that did not have any related documents, the resultant articles will display Related Documents, but they appear to be cached from the Second search.  


Release : 17.3

CA xFlow


Above will be addressed in our forthcoming RU updates.  The current projection will be the RU20 update