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Error: Policy Store failed operation Save RootConfig in Policy Server


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Starting the Policy Server, this one doesn't start properly and reports the error:

[7646/139694697809728][Fri Dec 16 2022 13:51:57.86][smldaputils.cpp:525][INFO][sm-Ldap-00540] Opening policy store connection to LDAP server: ' '
[7646/139694697809728][Fri Dec 16 2022 13:51:57.218][SmObjProvider.cpp:188][ERROR][sm-Server-03090] Policy store failed operation 'Save'  for object type 'RootConfig' . LDAP Error Doing LDAP RootConfig_Save in policy store: 32: No such object
[7646/139694697809728][Fri Dec 16 2022 13:51:57.221][SmObjProvider.cpp:188][ERROR][sm-Server-03090] Policy store failed operation 'Search'  for object type 'Domain' . LDAP Error Doing Domain_Search: 32: No such object




At first glance, this issue might occur if, in the smconsole, the LDAP Policy Store connection is configured, and for the Key Store, the configuration is still at the default ODBC (1).




  • In the "Policy Server Management Console":

    Click "Data" tab;
    Select Database : Key Store

    Make sure that the "Use Policy Store database" is checked;

    Click Apply;
    Click OK;
  • Start the Policy Server to solve the issue;

Additional Information



    "No such object" error when set up CA directory as policy store

      Can you check on smconsole -> data tab "storage" field for both
      policy store and KStore the values are consistent

      In smconsole, data tab, select from the drop down PStore /
      KStore. Check what is opted between PStore / KStore. By
      default when we are configuring manually, the default option
      on PStore / KStore is ODBC. We often only do the needful on
      PStore. But we never flip to KStore, thus KStore stays
      configured to ODBC. We have to also manually flip KStore to
      use LDAP or use same as PStore.