Enabling/Disabling MOI metric data roll up for reporting
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Enabling/Disabling MOI metric data roll up for reporting


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


Mainframe Operational Intelligence (MOI) stores detail metric data for only 45 days by default.    After 45 days, data begins to be automatically removed from the MOI databases.  In order to allow for reporting beyond 45 days of data in previous releases, a roll up process for detail metric data to an hourly interval was being automatically scheduled.  With MOI 2.1 Interim Update #2, this roll up process is being disabled automatically.   This was due to performance issues for some of the large data volume MOI customers.  If a MOI customer wants to have the ability to report on metric data beyond the 45 day storage default, they will need to follow the steps outlined in the Resolution section of this Knowledge Document. 


2.1    Interim Update #2 and later releases  (2.1 Interim Update #2 available 1/17/23.


To enable database roll-up for reporting usage for up to two years, perform the following steps on the MOI appliance Linux machine: 

1)  Edit the params.env file

                vi /var/opt/moi/share/custom_plex_params.env

2)  Add the following variable override as a line in the params.env file: 


3)  Click on the green "power" button on the Appliance Controller in the upper left corner of the panel to restart all MOI microservices. 

4)  Once all MOI microservices show in  a green running status on the Appliance Controller, the database roll up processing should now be scheduled to run automatically. 

5)  Please contact MOI Support if you have any questions or issues with these instructions.  


Note:   To turn off the database roll up processing if performance issues are encountered, perform the steps above but change the value of true for the

DATABASE_ROLLUP variable to false and then restart the MOI microservices.