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Worker node stuck on STARTING after 10.0 > 10.1 upgrade


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CA API Gateway


After upgrading our gateway servers, the gateway status does not show RUNNING via the ssgconfig menu. The gateway service is running. There is traffic being processed (which can be seen in the ssg log).


API Gateway 10.1


There was an ESM listen port defined and enabled for port 8765. More than likely, the port was not cleaned up after upgrading the gateway.


Do one of the following:

1. Delete the listen port defined for port 8765
2. Change the port number to something other than 8765 

Reboot the gateway node

Also, make sure that listen port 2124 only has the Inter-Node Communication and Node Control checkboxes checked off.

Additional Information

As of October 31st, 2021, ESM is no longer supported.