Jaspersoft: Access through different internet browsers than Firefox
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Jaspersoft: Access through different internet browsers than Firefox


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have Jaspersoft installed in a on-premise server and we utilize it for producing custom reports through default report templates.

Unfortunately, It seems to be accessible only through Firefox.



Release: 20.4


upgrade from CABI 2.0 to CABI 8.0 directly (not supported).


Check prerequisites and requirements of the cabi probe. When you upgrade, it should be associated with the correct UIM version, wasp probe, etc., so it is not always easy to upgrade through each version and have successful results, as opposed to simply installing from scratch. Each cabi version not only contains new features but new packages as well, see here:

CABI Release Notes

A successful upgrade path from 2.00 to 8.00 might look like the following:

cabi 2.00 (UIM v8.51)->2.10->3.00->3.20->3.30->4.20->4.30->7.50->8.00.

It may be possible to upgrade from 4.20 -> 8.00 directly but we have not tested this approach.  Some customers have reported success.

Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers should work fine if the CABI installation is correct.

Jaspersoft itself supports the following browsers:


The Operator Console is supported ONLY on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers. 

The specific supported browser versions are listed here in the UIM 20.4 Compatibility Matrix

Microsoft Edge: 792
The Operator Console is certified on Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.    

Firefox: Version 80 or higher

Chrome: Version 85 or higher

You should be able to access Jaspersoft URL for creating custom reports through any of these browsers/versions.

There should be no 'special' settings, configuration or adjustments to make in the browser.