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Spectrum Event Procedure to forward event from an Chassis Module model to the associated Device model


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CA Spectrum


Sometimes it is desirable to have an event or alarm originally configured to be asserted on an Chassis Module model be asserted on the associated device model instead. The main reasons are the Spectrum users may not be familiar with the Application model but are familiar with the Device model. Another is a ticketing system may require the ticket be created on the associated device model.


Release : 21.x, 22.x


The following is an example of an Event Procedure that will take an event from an Chassis Module model and forward it to the associated Device model using the Significant_Model_ID 0x5ee374 (which contains the value of the device model handle associated with the Chassis Module model) and create a new event on the associated Device model.

OBS: here we are considering the 0xffff0000 as the event generated on the Chassis Module model.

0xffff0000 E 50 P " \
  CreateEventWithAttributes( \
    ReadAttribute( \
          { C CURRENT_MODEL }, \
          { H 0x5ee374 } ), \
    { H 0xffff0001 }, \
    GetEventAttributeList() )"

This would transfer the event 0xffff0000 from the Chassis Module model to the device, as event 0xffff0001. All varbinds from the original event 0xffff0000 will also be present on event 0xffff0001 on the device.