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out of space in the redo log...error below mysql 8.0.30


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We are running on a 10.1 CR02 with physical appliance machine that has the CR02 patch RPM fix applied.  Our MySQL database version is 8.0.25.  

Below shows how to change the redo log in 8.0.30 and above

How do we change this in below 8.0.30?


Release : 10.1


 For Below 8.0.30

"Stop the MySQL server and make sure that it shuts down without errors.

Edit my.cnf to change the redo log file configuration. To change the redo log file size, configure innodb_log_file_size. To increase the number of redo log files, configure innodb_log_files_in_group.

Start the MySQL server again."

The default OVA value

# more /etc/my.cnf | grep 'log_file';

If you want larger files you can set these to 32M (a larger size).
Or you can set the log_files_in_group to be greater then 2 (a larger number of files).