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AIOPs - How to configure Service Desk Management(SDM) for Ticketing


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DX Operational Intelligence DX Application Performance Management


SDM is not available as an option for Ticketing in DX Settings Channels . Is there any workaround?


DX Platform onpremise



This integration is not yet available in onpremise 21.x and 22.x releases.


1) Download attached DX Gateway:

2) Configure DX Gateway (tenant, token and endpoints) as per documentation:

3) Enable the workaround for the SDM integration:

DX Gateway support is completely dependent on below two flags/keys in DB.

Schema                           TableName                                  ColumnName

aoplatform                        MCC_NOTIFY_CHANNEL          onprem

doi                                     mdo_multitenant_config         ITSM_ONPREM


Both the values should be true in order to support this feature and there are multiple approaches for setting this flag . 

Firstly the CASDM option is not shown and restricted for onprem using RESTRICTED_ITSM_CHANNELS= ["CAServiceDeskManager"]   env variable present in DXI-Admin UI pod .  To make this visible in UI , we need to update the value for the same like below



Approach1 :   From Environment variable update 

In DXI-Admin UI Pod  :  We need to update below below environment variable

IS_HYBRID_CLOUD=false(After channel creation we should revert this flag .


Approach2 : From the Rest API .

First save the Channel with valid credentials and then run below 2 api to update the flag in DB .


a) mdo_multitenant_config

Method : POST

Request URL: <DOI_ADMIN_UI_ROUTE>/oi/v2/tenantmgmtservice/{cohortId}


Description: Request Body we can take from GET call from Network tab in developer tool options  . Just click the saved channel and then take the response from below GET api executed .


Trimmed sample response : 


Just change the ITSM_ONPREM property to true from false and then use the complete response as body in the above mentioned api.



Request URL: <ADMIN_UI_ROUTE>/ess/notify/v1/channels


Description: When we update the channel , above  api would be executed . just take the request body for above api and change the value of onprem flag to true from false.

Below is the sample payload

   "author":"test test",


NOTE:  once the channel is saved , don't delete or save the channel from UI again . Otherwise all above applied patch config would be lost and we need to follow the same process again. 

4) You should now be able to create a new SDM Ticketing channel.

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