API to return the rich texts in plain/html format
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API to return the rich texts in plain/html format


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Does Clarity have an API to return the rich texts in plain/html format?

We have added a custom field named "description" of type "richText" in Clarity Task. In the response of the task entity, we are getting the "description's" data in "Delta-Quill" format. We want the data in plain text. Even Html or wiki would be fine if direct plain text is not available.

Here is the sample response of a task after adding rich text type field in it
API request->https://clarity.server.com/ppm/rest/v1/projects/{{projectId}}/tasks/{{taskId}}

 "z_description": "{\"ops\":[{\"insert\":\"ok\\n\"}],\"plainText\":\"ok\\n\"}",
Whereas at UI, it was just

Does Clarity has the Rest APIs to perform the above operations?

As we are not able to find such APIs from the swagger UI.


Release : 15.9.1


15.9.1 was when we introduced the rich text field. Up until 16.0.2 the API response for this field is in the same format of what was described in the problem statement and should have been converted by the Rich text editor that is shown in NEW UI.

From 16.0.3 on-wards the API response is showing up in the HTML format along with the plain text format.

Sample from 16.0.3:-

"z_test_rich":"<p>ok<\/p><p><br><\/p><plain-text>ok  <\/plain-text>"