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Received NDR But Track and Trace logs shows email was delivered.


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User found outbound email show delivered in Track and Trace log but sender received undelivered message (NDR)


When a sender sends an email to the recipient, Track and Trace shows email was delivered but actually this email was not delivered as sender received the NDR with an error "554 5.4.7 [internal] exceeded max time without delivery"

This is casing because of the following reason. 

As per the architecture of the product when the sender and recipient both are from the same pane then will insert a different Track and Trace delivery record as recipient MTA (ie our mail server) has accepted the email on behalf of recipient. (Which means that, the Sender's email is received to customer's MTA). If there is some problem with the MTA to the recipient's mail-server then it's the recipient task to investigate locally. 

It happens when the following condition occur :  If the message is being delivered to another customer on the same pen , then The message was not blocked then we need to insert a different delivery record with the current timestamp and clear out the service type, action and reason fields.



By design, the product behavior in the Track and Trace shows the delivery with no information about the recipient server information and the sender also received the NDR email stating the error"554 5.4.7 [internal] exceeded max time without delivery"

It is up to the recipient's administrator to investigate the delivery of the email locally.