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TAMRSTC Started Task (CA Trusted Access Manager for z/OS RACF) remains active after starting TAMSTC and TAMJVM


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Trusted Access Manager for Mainframe


Since implementing the latest maintenance to TAMz Release 1.1, noticed that TAMRSTC remains active in SDSF after running and starting TAMSTC and TAMJVM started tasks.  This TAMRSTC is supposed to be a transient started task and run just to start the other two. Once the other two STCs are up TAMRSTC should end.



Release : 1.1


In latest maintenance (IBM RACF) Provide Audit Records When Timebox Expires (LU03342) (CARS2204)

Trusted Access Manager for Z for RACF now supports de-elevations being logged to the SMF, journal, ENF71, and OPS/MVS reports when an elevation expires due to timeout. For more information, see Audit Elevated and De-elevated Activity through IBM RACF and message TMR0444I.

Review the HOLDDATA for PTF LU03342 which changed TAMRSTC from being a transient task to a persistent task so it can manage the issuing of our SMF80 records when timeboxes expire.  Without this task running, the timebox expiration SMF80 message of an elevation may come well after the actual expiration.  Enforcement of the timebox is unaffected.

++HOLD information for LU03342: 

3.  start TAMRSTC by issuing the start command for TAMRSTC.                     
    For example: /S TAMRSTC                                                     
    This will restart TAMRSTC and re-implant updated modules.                   
    NOTE: After this enhancement, TAMRSTC will be a persistent task.            
          To mark TAMz for RACF inactive, use "/P TAMRSTC", the                 
          INACT parameter has been deprecated.                                  
          (e.g. "/S TAMRSTC,,,INACT")                                           
          In order to issue a REINIT, first stop the persistant task            
          then issue the start with REINIT                                      
          (e.g. "/P TAMRSTC"                                                    
                "/S TAMRSTC,,,REINIT")                                          


This explains why TAMRSTC remains running.