CV Log/Journal Offload JCL GDG dataset model DSCB
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CV Log/Journal Offload JCL GDG dataset model DSCB


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IDMS IDMS - Database


In our JCL for IDMS Journal and Log archive/offload, model dscb dataset IDMS.MODSC is included, do we need this dataset ? Is it ok to remove this dataset? 

//             DISP=(,CATLG,DELETE),UNIT=3390,
//             VOL=SER=IDMS55,
//             DCB=(IDMS.MODSCB,RECFM=F,LRECL=27996,BLKSIZE=27996),
//             SPACE=(27996,(1000,500),RLSE)



Release : 19.0


The use of the model DSCBs is not something required by IDMS. It  an alternate way to specify DCB attributes for a GDG. If already specifying DCB attributes in the JCL the model DSCB is not needed.  For information on model DSCBs in the IBM documentation section Allocating a Generation Data Set. Check with your system programmers why the model DSCB is there, perhaps it is a site standard.

Note that for the ARCHIVE JOURNAL there is no need to specify any DCB attributes at all. See the documentation section of sample z/OS JCL for ARCHIVE JOURNAL 

//*NOTE: The blksize and lrecl are set by the
//*      blksize that is defined in the DMCL.
//*      The file record format is fixed. 

For the  ARCHIVE LOG you do need to specify DCB attributes but there's no need to use a model DSCB.