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Smart Jobstream SRSBIVPS compiler errors under IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 4.2.0


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Smart RRSAF Smart Restart


The Smart Jobstream installation SRSBIVPS job fails with RC 12.
It was noted that IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 4.2.0 is being utilized.

Messages of note from SRSBIVPS output:
IGYGR0097-S A "RECORD KEY" clause was missing or invalid in the "SELECT" entry for file "KSDS-FILE".  The file definition was discarded.     
IGYGR1174-S "KSDS-RECORD-KEY" was not defined as a data-name.  "KSDS-RECORD-KEY" was discarded
IGYDS1050-E   File "KSDS-FILE" contained no data record descriptions.  The file definition was discarded.  
IGYDS0010-S   A "COPY" statement was found but the "LIB" compiler option was not in effect.  Scanning was resumed at the item following the next period. 


The Smart Jobstream SRSBIVPS job is required for Smart/RESTART users only and not required for Smart/RRSAF.  If you are not using Smart/RESTART, the SRSBIVPS job can be skipped.

It was noted that the IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 4.2.0 compiler still implements the option LIB|NOLIB.  The site COBOL default is NOLIB.  This LIB|NOLIB COBOL compiler option is no longer required starting with COBOL 5 which always implements the LIB option.  

To execute the SRSBIVPS job to successful completion, simply add the LIB option to the COBOL parameter string within the SRSBIVPS JCL COBOL steps.