DCS 6.9.3 - How to enable or disable FIPS
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DCS 6.9.3 - How to enable or disable FIPS


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


You would like to know how to enable or disable FIPS for the DCS Manager or Java Console


Data Center Security Server Advanced 
Version: 6.9.3 and higher


To enable or disable FIPS on the server, you need to do the following:

  1. Stop the DCS Manager Service and then stop the UMC Services

  2. Execute the ConfigFIPS.vbs script file

    The ConfigFIPS.vbs script file is present at the following locations:
    • For management server - <installation-directory>\Server\tools
    • For management console - <installation-directory>\Console

  3. Ensure that the DCS Manager and UMC Services where started by the script
    If they are not started automatically, please start the DCS Manager Service, and then the UMC Servcies