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Issue updating the Total Allocation and Total ETC of a staff member on project in New UI


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Having the unit of measure setting as days, updating the Total allocation and Total ETC of a staff member on project in New UI displays the value in seconds instead of days. The same behavior is observed with Grand Totals (Allocation, ETC) as well.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  • Open a project in New UI
  • Navigate to staff tab
  • Configure Allocation and ETC under per-period metrics
  • Configure Total allocation and Total ETC columns in grid view
  • Update the allocation value to 7 (or any other random value)

Expected Results: The allocation value should be displayed as 7
Actual Results: The value is displayed as 201600


Release : 16.1.0




DE67741 is fixed in 16.1.1.

Workaround: Update the individual period amounts instead of the total one

Additional Information

Same scenario is seen in the Assignments module. When entering a Total ETC figure it displays the corresponding value in seconds.