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Copy File tasks never start and show queued or pending start


Article ID: 256297


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Deployment Solution


Copy File tasks targeting one or more computers does not run and shows queued or pending start. Logs show similar messages with no explanation of why the task is queued


Deployment Solution 8.x


It was discovered in at least one instance of this issue that there were no site servers with Deployment Task Server Handler showing as an installed plugin.


Copy File tasks in DS require at least one Deployment Task Server. In one instance of this issue, customer had only the SMP and we were unable to install the plugin.

It was discovered that the SMP had 3 partial installs of the plugin. We were able to resolve the issue by following another KB:
Unable to install Deployment Task Server Handler on Site Server

Once the partial installs were cleaned up and the DS Task Server Handler was installed, the issue no longer occurred