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Compatibility for load balancer in front of the User Store while Integrating User Store with VIP Auth Hub


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VIP Authentication Hub


We have a scenario where we are planning to deploy VIP Auth Hub (in AKS) solution and we will Integrate our existing User Store with VIP Auth Hub. But in our higher environments we have multiple Users Store. So, we want to know if we can add a F5 load balancer in-front of the User Store servers. Instead of directly exposing each User Store server to VIP Auth Hub (Azure), can we add a F5 load balancer to split the traffic and to add layer of protection for this dataflow.


Release : Oct.02


HA( High availability) to multiple hosts is not supported in VIP AuthHub. Only one hostname is allowed in LDAP config so Load Balancer is required to utilize multiple LDAP servers. You can refer to this F5 KB article for guidance or engage with the F5 team for the configurations.