CYL_MANAGED=Allowed in JES2 Z22 with EAV.
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CYL_MANAGED=Allowed in JES2 Z22 with EAV.


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Allocate DASD Space and Placement DISK BACKUP AND RESTORE



Plan to change the compatibility level of JES2, up to level Z22, before going to Z/OS 2.6. It is a mandatory requirement.

For this, it is necessary to parameterize "CYL_MANAGED=Allowed" in JES2, to indicate that it is allowed to allocate the checkpoint and the spool in EAV volumes.

What are the additional considerations that should be aware to avoid potential problems if the EAV is not used for spooling ?



Release : 12.5


The Allocate product is not involved with JES2 allocations.  

Therefore,  do not have any concerns with the Allocate product and using EAV in your JES2 configuration.