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Quarantined SES agent by Host Integrity policy is still quarantined after moving to other device group where no Host Integrity policy is applied.


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Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) Windows agent is moved to "Quarantine" location by failing Host Integrity (HI) policy. You move this agent to other device group on ICDm console where no HI policy is applied. Agent is moved to the expected device group but still in "Quarantine" location.


  • Symantec Endpoint Secuirity Windows agent


Broadcom is aware of this issue and will update this document when a solution becomes available.

Work-around if issue happens:

  • Uninstall SES agent and delete it on ICDm console as well. And re-install SES installer of other group where no HI policy is applied.
  • On ICDm, move agent to original group and disable the specific requirement in HI policy where agent is failing. Thus HI check becomes success and agent is moved from quarantine to default location.

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