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Multi-value lookup attribute not working for sub-object


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SUMMARY: Multi-value lookup attribute for sub-object isn't providing correct results


A sub-object of Resource object has a multi-value attribute, which is failing to working correctly. 

1. Create a new Object that is a sub-object of "Resource"
2. On the new Object create an attribute that is a multi-value lookup. For the lookup use the out of the box "Browse Hierarchy Resource Roles"
3. Update the Create and Edit Views on the Object to add this attribute
4. Open a Resource from "Home\Resources", access the Sub Object. 
5. Create a new value, and assign a value to the new attribute.

Expected Results: 

You should be able to assign a Role from the Role list to the sub-object value.

Actual Results:

1. On creation of a new item in the sub-object, you can browse the Roles and save one.
2. When looking at the List view of the sub-object, the attribute will be empty
3. If you attempt to edit the new item, you will no longer be able to browse the Roles, no results will return.


Release : 16.0.3, 16.1.0


This is related to DE67731, which is under investigation.