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Sysview for Db2 (IDB2) Archive job's load utility fails after the application of maintenance


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


After the application of maintenance to the Db2 Tools the Sysview for Db2 (IDB2) Archive job fails when loading various tables.


Release : 20.0


The necessary action of successfully running the ARCMIGUT job needed to be done.


The ARCMIGUT job takes the current ARCFLDLS member that has been updated by the new maintenance and populated via the post-install (IDB2SYS) job to reflect the necessary actions to perform against the ARCIxxxx and ARCLxxxxx requests from the previous maintenance level.  The process will use as input the older (pre maintenance) ARCIxxxx and ARCthe then writes the modified IQL members to IQLOUT and LOADOUT DD's for subsequent usage.  The ARCMIGUT process does not look at the ARCDDL member or the archive DB2 table during its process of generating the ALTEROUT DD file that will contain the expected alter statements that coordinate with the actions performed for the IQL requests.  If the Archive tables have been modified outside of this process it is possible the ALTEROUT DD  file will contain actions that are no longer necessary.  The end result of this process is to ensure the ARCIxxxx members and the ARCLxxxx members are in sync when extracting and loading the file to their respective DB2 table without impact.