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OWB Assignment - Actual Cost Field


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I had a view in OWB using field Assignment - Actual Cost under the Task Information

That field no longer appears to be there.

Am I seeing this correctly?
My view was from 13.0 version and it is still in there so I could see where it used to be.
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Liz Williamson22-November-2022 10:02:23
Assignment Actual Usage

It appears that the field they want was Assignment Actual Cost

That field must have moved from the task section to the Resource section under Resource-Tasks

and is now under there.

Views that were using the assignment one will need to be reset to add it back now from the Resource section;.

Confirm this change with Ken


Release : 16.0.3


The original field got dropped from the view in newer versions of OWB  and now it is under Resource  -  Actual Cost 


Update your view or create a new one and use the Actual Cost under 
Resource Information - Assignment to Task