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CA-AP REST Server Not Installed after 11.7 SP1


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After applying package SP1 for version 11.7, in the configuration manager, it says the CA-AP REST server is not installed. How can I resolve this issue?


Release : 11.7


The CA-AP REST Server is also called the AP Rest API, which is provided by NodeJS as of R17, SP1.  

It will need to be separately installed after the install of AP itself.
Go into the AP Configuration Manager and select:

1. Expert Interface
2. Infrastructure
3. Third Party Software

Here you will find the NodeJS..
Then install it from here :

In the above, None is shown in the Action column at NodeJS, but that's because it is already installed here.  However, when it's not installed, it will show Install.
That would provide you the NodeJS for the AP Rest API...
The AP Rest API is at AP 11.7 SP1 also used for the Notification Manager Gui, the Console Manager and the Alert Manager..

More information may be found at:  the "upgrade-considerations" section of the Release Notes.