How to download all Endevor V19.0 PTFs
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How to download all Endevor V19.0 PTFs


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Need step by step instruction on how to download all Endevor v19.0 PTFs. 


Release : 19.0


Login to Broadcom support website

Choose My Downloads (to the left)

Enter ENDEVOR for the product(in the search by product) 

Click Solutions(tab)

Choose Endevor MVS

Click release 19.0


Select Endevor in the “Select Components” drop down list, and select Z/OS in the “Select OS” drop down list, then click “Add ALL to Download Manager”

Press on the package icon:(circled in red)

Choose complete package (this default option will include all the dependencies into the download package), then choose either HTTP(to your Desk top) or FTP method to download the complete package.


Once you have the .zip archive use the CAUNZIP utility to convert the .zip file into a SMPNTS file structure that the SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNTS command can process. The JCL to run the CAUNZIP utility is in CA Common Services your HLQ.CAW0JCL(CAUNZIP). 

CA Concatenate is the alternative to CAUNZIP in case the FTP download to an USS directory is not possible or desired. It is a Windows utility that allows you to concatenate binary(.bin) or text(.txt) files thus reducing the number of files that need to be uploaded to the mainframe. check Broadcom Freeware link  for more details and download CA concatenate. 

The Download of the ZIP file can be directed to a PC, unzip the package and use CA Concatenate to build a binary file containing all PTFs, ready to upload to the mainframe (DCB information when defining the receiving dataset on the mainframe: RECFM=FB, LRECL=80, BLKSIZE=6160.)


Additional Information

As an alternative to CA Concatenate the Windows COPY command can be used.

Open the Windows Command Prompt and navigate to the path with the PTFs.


This will copy all files in the current directory with the extension BIN to the file PTFS.BIN. The /B forces the files to be copied as binary and /V verifies the new file. 

The advantage with the COPY command is that nothing new needs to be installed. The disadvantage is that it does require Windows Command knowledge (to navigate a path). 

In the long run the CA Concatenate method is simpler.