e2e scripts using Google Chrome extension loses ability to find text on a page
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e2e scripts using Google Chrome extension loses ability to find text on a page


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have had an issue with e2e scripts using Google Chrome extension losing the ability to find the text in the scripts after running successfully for months.  I use the nimrecorder tools.  Synchronization on image and the google chrome extension.



  • Release: 20.4
  • e2e_appmon v2.52


Optionally, you can use ClickOnBitmap instead of PauseUntil to sync on an image/.bmp successfully.

Use the e2e wizard (double-click on Capture Functions->ClickOnBitmap) via the e2e Help Menu when in the e2e script editor to walk through the process and automatically generate the correct lines in the script. Hint use "somewhere in a defined area" in the page and define enough area to locate the object/window you want.
We used the Home icon, and when the script plays you can clearly see the mouse navigates to the icon, and the script completes and the browser is successfully closed.

Available error checking tips are included in this KB Article:

e2e_appmon error checking/error handling examples for transaction scripts

Also, you can request information/support about error checking for the 'ClickOnBitmap' function directly from WinTask via this form:


It might just be the same use for other function using Pause,

Pause 30 secs until


 InWindow("IEXPLORE.EXE|Internet Explorer_Server|Nimsoft Server - Windows Internet Explorer|1",2)

 InArea( 46, 35, 67, 210 )


 MsgBox("'Wait for' at line " + #ErrorLine$ + " has failed !")


            nimAlarmSimple(Minor, "The ClickOnBitmap script step did not succeed!")





Final disposition:

Customer used the following section in the script:

Pause  until

               Bitmap("C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\e2e_scripting\scripts\home.bmp")

               InWindow("CHROME.EXE|Chrome_WidgetWin_1|MyUtilityInfo – Water and Waste Department – City of xxxxxxxx - Google Chrome",1)


               Failure(target$, id$, OP_REF$, "Script was unable to home image: retcode=" + str$(ret))