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Cannot create connector from IG to IM in the IG universe


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CA Identity Suite


We are unable to figure out what is causing a failure of the IM Connector in the IG Universe to fail to make a connection to IM.  

We have successfully configured this same type of connector on the 14.4.1 on-prem servers.  This issue is happening the 14.4.1 virtual appliance.


Mainly, this is the error:  

14:58:17,158 ERROR [stderr] (default task-38) ERROR WebServiceHandler WebServiceHandler.getWSConfigurationJSON:  Failed to get configuration from IM for: Failed to get configuration from IM: Internal Server Error



Release : 14.4


The user store had been rebuilt and a new certificate was created in the process.  At some point in the connection process, the IG was erroring out because it did not trust the certificate of the user store.  We exported the user store certificate and imported the same into the cacerts and jboss keystores.  After this, the connector is working fine.  


 Export the user store certificate and import the same into the cacerts and jboss keystores.