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MCS Alarm Policies management and policy_management queue


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What is the scope of the policy_management queue that is created automatically in the Primary hub?

How does this queue interact with the Alarm Policies created in OC, or the Default alarm Policies created after an Enhanced MCS profile is created? 

If the queue is not running, how does that affect the ability to create new or modify existing Alarm Policies? 



Release : UIM 20.4 




The policy_management queue is needed to maintain the Default Alarm Policies in sync with the Enhanced MCS profile during creation or deletion of the profile.  


Below is a practical Example: 


When a device or group MCS Enhanced Profile is created in OC, a "Default Alarm Policy" is automatically deployed.


1. Create an Default Disk(s) Enhanced Profile 

And Subprofile, monitoring C:/


2. As soon as the profile is created, the MCS - via the WASP - publishes a pds message to the BUS with the subject  "MCS_Profile_Event".

Below is an example of how the message contains the creation instruction:


3. The policy_management_ws (o policy-management_ws) subscribes to this queue

When policy_management_ws receives the pds with the above subject, the pds is processed to create the default policy. 

At this point, the Alarm Policy is created in the DB (policy table) 


And the policy is visible in the Alarm Policy UI in OC:


4. At this point, he plugin_metric.cfg file (present in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\plugins\plugin_metric) in the target system, is updated with the defined thresholds



            alarm = true
            policy_id = 13
            qos_target = C:\
            metric_precedence = 12001
            qos_name = QOS_DISK_FREE_PERC
            qos_source = ~.*
            metric_type_id = 1.1:99
                  custom_message = ${metric_name} on ${component_name} for ${device_name} is at ${metric_value} ${metric_unit}.
                  threshold = 20.0
                  operator = LE
                  custom_clear_message = ${metric_name} on ${component_name} for ${device_name} is OK.
                  ttt = false
                  severity = 4
                  tot = false
                  thresh_type = static
                  ttt = false
                  threshold = 10.0
                  severity = 5
                  custom_clear_message = ${metric_name} on ${component_name} for ${device_name} is OK.
                  custom_message = ${metric_name} on ${component_name} for ${device_name} is at ${metric_value} ${metric_unit}.
                  thresh_type = static
                  operator = LE
                  tot = false





When an Enhanced Profile is deleted in the OC via the MCS UI, a "Delete" type of PDS message is posted which instructs policy_management_ws to delete the correspondent policy/policies


•  When we create Alarm Policies Manually (not created automatically) there is no PDS message and the policy_management queue doesn't play a role

•  If we delete a Manually created or a Default Policy there is no PDS message and the policy_management queue doesn't play a role.

•  When Running plugin_metric_correction callback against a robot  to fix any inconsistencies of the plugin_metric.cfg there is no PDS message and the policy_management queue doesn't play a role.


Additional Information

UIM - policy_mangement queue is yellow and no processing after deployment of java_jre 2.09 (

UIM - policy_management queue in secondary hub probe is in yellow