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Device has more traffic in subinterface than phisical interface


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


We have a device in Performance Manager whose subinterface shows more traffic than its physical interface, and this should not be the case.


Release : any


Calculations are made based on the data we receive from the device;
If we receive wrong data we will present it in dashboards.


Run a snmpwalk or collect dcdebug and verify if the raw data seems good;

In the example below the physical interface shows around 412 Mbit/sec:

Dec 05 16:45:58.458: = 412937962065451

where the subinterface show around 715 Mbit/sec:

Dec 05 16:45:58.385: = 715869199433953

This needs to be addressed by the device vendor.

Additional Information

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