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Scheduled Report not printing expected amount of values


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


I schedule report for last 4 hours, I should receive 4 values 1 value for each hour but when I schedule the report it show me 3 values;

when I print it in CSV it shows me 4, need clarification on this issue, so I can share the proper findings with the customer.


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(especially when the resolutions is configured for 1 hour) and we are generating report at few minutes past a full hour (i.e. 17:05) it all depends if the data from last 1 hours was processed already.
With this configuration we are going to see 3 data points more often than 4 data points. If run the same report for 24 hours may get 24 but again based on the minutes within the hour may only see 23.

For the same reason when we have generated the report manually after few days it collected 5 data points because all the data from 4 hours was already processed.
Even a data from 17:00-18:00 was ready; and with 1 hour resolution and execution at 17:05 we collected data from that hour as well.

Solution here would be to work on the report configuration; possibly execute the report at 17:30 which would give more time to system for data preparation.
With that change we should expect 5 values instead of 4 in some cases.