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Mail for nfs remote storage status change is not going to the users configured in the mail monitoring configuration in PAM


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


It is possible to configure CA PAM to send messages to selected users or distribution lists by filling the relevant parameters in Configuration --> email settings, as well as Configuration --> Monitor (legacy) 

With these settings, every event that triggers a CA PAM notification (for instance a new user logging in, or system alerts such as reboot) will be notified to the addresses configured in these settings

However, it is noticed that the remote-storage related events, for instance the nfs share for session recording being mounted or umounted, are not sent to these addresses, but just to whatever users are members of the Global Administrators or Configuration Manager groups


CA PAM all releases as of December 2022


This is by design. The storage issues are being sent to the  list of GLOBAL_ADMINISTRATOR and CONFIG_MANAGER  in PAM, whereas the rest of the events go to the user(s) configured in the legacy email settings.


There is no workaround as of the writing of this article

An enhancement has been raised to have this behaviour to be changed in future versions of the product (for instance by allowing PAM admins to choose to whom the storage-related mails should be sent) but that requires some modifications of the GUI and it is still under consideration. 

Please check periodically for new features in CA PAM