AXC0554W "CA Licensing - 2UN4 - Can't open license file"
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AXC0554W "CA Licensing - 2UN4 - Can't open license file"


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Automation Point


On one of our servers running Automation Point (AP) the following message appears in the logs every few minutes:
AXC0554W CA Licensing - 2UN4 - Can't open license file. Please run the appropriate license program to properly license your product.

How can this be resolved?


Release : 11.3 and later


Automation Point has 2 ALP type FEATURE licenses for codes 2UNB (base product) and 2UN4 (3270/5250 option): CA Licensing Product Codes
A license file named ca.olf needs to exist in directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC" and contain a FEATURE line for each code.
The AP installation will install CA License software into that same directory, but it does not create the license file.
On this particular server a ca.olf file did not exist in the above directory.


The ca.olf license file (FEATURE lines) either needs to be obtained from Broadcom Support Customer Care license team or via Support Portal self-service from My Dashboard page using the "My Entitlements" option (enter Site ID).
For the self-service option, if under product "Automation Point" the "Entitlement Details" shows no link under "Licenses" please check other listed products "Entitlement Details" because all licenses may appear there including the FEATURE lines for 2UNB and 2UN4.
Under Windows the ca.olf file just needs to contain the required FEATURE lines and can be created with a text editor.

Alternatively the ca.olf file can also be copied from any other existing AP server that does not show the license warning because the FEATURE lines are not CPU locked.

In this case the option of copying the ca.olf file from an existing AP server was done and the AXC0554W license warning messages for 2UN4 stopped.

Additional Information

The license warning message format also be:
AXC0554W CA Licensing - 2UN4 - License Failure. Please contact your account representative to obtain a new license.


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