Postgres does not process Datamart Extraction Job Correctly
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Postgres does not process Datamart Extraction Job Correctly


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The datamart extraction job is supposed to truncate table nbi_prt_facts and then repopulate it from the view nbi_prt_facts_v
This works in Oracle, but not in Postgres.  The table does not truncate here and the records missing from nbi_prt_facts but in the view nbi_prt_facts_v are not repopulated.

Steps to Reproduce: 

This can happen if there is an issue with time slicing job and some records do not make it to the nbi_prt_facts table in the first place.


1. Note that records which should be in nbi_prt_facts table are missing

2. Run Datamart Extraction job

   - If you can query while the job is running you should see the table truncate and repopulate.  But it does not truncate or repopulate.


   - In Oracle the table does truncate and repopulate with the missing records as expected.



Release : 16.0.3, 16.1



Reported as DE67648



DE67648 fix targeted for 16.1.1