Top Secret Have Time Out Feature For Applications?
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Top Secret Have Time Out Feature For Applications?


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Top Secret


In Top Secret, is there a time-out limit where it logs a user off the application or stops checking to see if someone is logged on?


Release : 16.0


Top Secret does not have controls to logoff a user from other applications. Top Secret has the ability to lock a user's session in other applications using LOCKTIME on the facility or adding LTIME to specific users. The individual applications might have the ability to do this. 

Some examples:
Disconnecting userids in TSO after, say, half an hour, can be done with the SMFPRMxx member of the SYS1.PARMLIB with the JWT (hhmm) parameter. This parameter specifies the maximum amount of time that a job of a TSO/E user is allowed to wait continuously, where hh is the amount of real time in hours and mm is in minutes. When the specifies time limit has expired, the time limit exit, IEFUTL is entered (if active). IEFUTL cancels the job and automatically logs off the TSO/E user.

ROSCOE has an AUTOFF feature that can be set with the AUTOFF and AUTOFVAL sysin parameters. ROSCOE also has a locking feature that can be set with the AUTTLOCK and AUTTLVALsysin parameters.

To log users off CICS after a certain amount of inactivity, you can add OPTIME to the DFLTUSER for the CICS region. (You can find the DFLTUSER for the CICS region by checking the DFLTUSER= parameter in the CICS System Initialization Table (SIT) or by signing on to the CICS region, issuing TSEU=INSTALL, and finding the SIT_ACID=xxxxxxxx.)

To log a specific user off after a certain amount of inactivity, you can add OPTIME to the specific user. (This will override the OPTIME value on the DFLTUSER for the specific acid.)

OPTIME controls the period of time allowed before CICS considers a terminal user to be timed-out. The action taken by CICS depends on a CICS parameter, SIGNOFF, which is specified in the TYPETERM definition.
SIGNOFF=YES will signoff the user but not log them off CICS.
SIGNOFF=LOGOFF will sign the user completely off CICS.
See the IBM documentation for more information about the use and setting of these fields.

Top Secret provides the OPTIME field to support IBM’s CICS TIMEOUT functionality. When the user signs on, Top Secret places the OPTIME value into the user's TCTTE. CICS then scans the idle time for each terminal. When OPTIME/TIMEOUT is exceeded, CICS will take action based on the TYPETERM SIGNOFF parameter associated with the user's terminal.

To add OPTIME to an acid:
TSS ADD(acid) OPTIME(hhmm) where 'hhmm' is the length of time of inactivity before the user should be signed off. (For example, TSS ADD(acid) OPTIME(30) says after 30 minutes of inactivity, the signoff will be driven.)