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OTP Email for small set of users in Symantec VIP


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VIP Service


Temporary code being sent to users email address, in case they unable to login to self-service or any 2FA integrated app -one example is VPN.

I see this is VIP manager policy – if I disable, it will be applied across the org level – so do we have any ways that we can restrict this policy for limited users

PUSH notification – Disable

This is also same global policy for disable- also do we have any ways in VIP that we can apply for limited numbers of users.


Release : 1.0


The use case you have can be achieved if we have different User groups configured so e.g. if there is a OTP-Group1 which has the users who should receive the OTP only and then PUSH-Group2 which will have the users who will only get the Push, this can be achieved if users are synched to different groups. Look at the screen shot below and where in my group "TESTING12" I can configure the policies which will only be applied to this group and Global will not play a part in that. When you edit you can select the Per Group Policy rather Per Account Policy.