MOI - Metric data not flowing
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MOI - Metric data not flowing


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


If a Customer experiences a system related issue similar to this one: "We had a TCP/IP drop over the weekend which caused the metric data to not flow from Sysview to MOI. We need assistance to resume the metric data flow again", then there is a restart process that should be followed first to reestablish the metric data flow to MOI. 

The steps are detailed in the Resolution section of this Knowledge Document. 


Release : 2.1

Component : Mainframe Operational Intelligence


Please try the following steps first if a system issue like a TCP/IP network issue has occurred in your environment and interrupted the metric data flow to MOI: 

1.   Stop the ZDM STC in SYSVIEW or the console

       /p zdmvproc

2.   Stop the MSS STC (default of ZMSSTART or whatever name you have renamed it to when it was installed) in SYSVIEW or the console

       /p zmsstart 

3)  Start the ZDM STC in SYSVIEW or the console first: 

       /s zdmvproc

4) Then start the MSS STC in SYSVIEW or the console

       /s zmsstart

5)  Verify that both ZDM and MSS STC's are started

6)  Next on the MOI Appliance Controller, click the green power button at the top left corner of the screen to do a restart of all the MOI microservices. 

7)  It should take 10 - 15 minutes for all the microservices to get started and data flow to resume.   When all microservices are showing as running in green on the Appliance Controller screen, please check the data flow on the MOI Green Highway UI for a metric or two that you usually see flowing and confirm that data is flowing by checking the last data point displayed on the Green Highway screen.