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Browser falls back HTTP 8080 when config HTTPS 8443 for AdminUI access


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When running an AdminUI, and configuring it to access HTTPS 8443, the browser always falls back to HTTP 8080.




At first, glance, to use port 8443 instead of 8080 on the AdminUI, re-register it back specifying HTTPS and port 8443 in the registration URL (1).

The documentation mention the configuration of


is only to ensure the cookie will have a secure tag. That doesn't set the entire AdminUI configuration to do SSL only (2).

The baseurl parameter in the AdminUI data can also be edited manually following the steps described in this KD to switch from the HTTP URL to the HTTPS one (3).


Additional Information



    AdminUI (WAMUI) URL HTTPS 8443 and HTTP 8080 management and config

      At first glance, the AdminUI is only accessible on HTTP depending
      on the URL you have used during the registration process.

      According to documentation, if you registered to access the HTTP
      and port 8080, then the AdminUI will be accessible in HTTP on port
      8080 only. If you've written it in HTTPS on port 8443, then the
      AdminUI is accessible on port 8443 only (1).



    (Optional) Configure the Administrative UI to Use an SSL (HTTPS) Connection

      6. Restart the application server.
    The web.xml file is updated and secure cookies are enabled.



    AdminUI protected by Reverse Proxy Web Agent redirection URL change