Saving multiple reports in v14 Web Viewer as one file?
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Saving multiple reports in v14 Web Viewer as one file?


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I wanted to check in to see if the rewrite of the v 14.0 viewer will allow a user to save multiple reports under one concatenated report name (e.g. xxxx.rpt)?  I don't see this available in the current v14.0 version, but I have users under v12.1 who select multiple reports to be saved as a .rpt file.  It saves them time to be able to perform this function so are wanting to know.


Release : 14.0

Web Viewer



Function not available yet in Web Viewer 14.0 that existed in Web Viewer 12.1


While Web Viewer 14.1 does not support downloading multiple reports as one file yet, there is a workaround:

They have written REST API samples which allows users to download multiple reports from View that will be concatenated into a single report. This feature is in 12.1 but not in 14.0. It will also allow the resulting filename to be renamed.

There is also a similar app for favorites.  

The sample sources are linked from the very end of

Scroll down to see 
Rest API Code Samples
You can use the Web Viewer
 REST API code samples to explore and learn how to use the REST API.
For more information, and to download the sample code, see Broadcom product scripts on GitHub.

You will see these scripts:

Additional Information

The sample must be compiled with gradle and Java 17 is required.  The resulting app must be distributed to the users desktops and Java 11 is required.  The users must have permission to run the app on their desktops.