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Error in UVC during Login with SSL: Could not obtain server certificate chain.


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


After enabling SSL in Dollar Universe, when SSL was selected for login, the following error occurred:

Error: Could not obtain server certificate chain.


Release : 6.10.x, 7.x

Component: Automic Dollar Universe


Differences in Java version


Most likely, the way the certificate was signed for the UVMS used an old/no longer secure algorithm and that's why the newer Java version updated in the client (UVC workstation) won't be able to accept it.

The most proper solution would be:

- upgrading the uvms to 6.10.101 where TLS 1.2 is authorized

- upgrading the UVMS Java to a more recent version

- signing the csr it with a more up-to-date / secure algorithm

- importing the newer certificate signed into the uvms keystore


Check what is the Java version for both:

- server (server where Univiewer Management Server runs)
- client (server where  the Univiewer Console is launched) 

Use exactly the same Java releases on both UVMS and UVC machines.