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Ports connected to Proxy are disabled by the Switch (Spanning Tree Protocol) after the upgrade


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


After upgrading ProxySG-S500 from to, some ports on the Proxy did not come up. The Switch connected to the Proxy disabled the ports by Spanning Tree Protocol.


This applies to SG-S400 and SG-S500 with a bridge card.


The above issue is a known issue. It has been fixed in and Here is what we mentioned in the Release Notes:

TCP/IP and General Networking

SG-32241 Fixes an issue in S400 and S500 hardware environments with a bridge card, where a disabled bridge became enabled during boot and caused switches with STP to disable ports.

Please upgrade to or and above to fix the issue.

Note: You may be able to toggle (enable and disable) the bridge as a temporary workaround. This should work until the next reboot, however, upgrade is highly recommended.