Autosys WCC GUI Logs Paths for std*files
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Autosys WCC GUI Logs Paths for std*files


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Autosys Workload Automation


How does the WCC GUI know where to extract the information for the Standard Output, Error Output and Agent Log?

Does it use the values from the std_err_file and std_out_file?

Here are two examples of the

std_out_file: "/autosys/outlogs/$AUTO_JOB_NAME-$AUTORUN.out"

std_out_file: "$ROOT_PATH/autosyslogs/$AUTO_JOB_NAME.$AUTORUN.out"

We can see the output from the first one but not from the second.

Both jobs are submitted from the same Autosys server but on different agents.



Release : 12.1


AutoSys can only pull back logs from past runs if the run details still exist in the autosys db and if the files from that run still exist at the os level and are accessible (permissions).

NOTE - Your DBMaint setting (specifically the archive_events commands) determine how much history is kept in the autosys db.  That can/will be a factor.

When a job is run entries are created in the autosys db, specifically in the ujo_job_runs and ujo_extended_jobrun_info tables.
They contain the details such as the agent the job ran on, when it ran, and the exact names for the std*files so if/when wcc or autosys (autosyslog -j <jobname> -r <run_num> -tO) are invoked autosys can find the details and know where to go... what agent to ask and what to ask it for.

NOTE - in some older AutoSys versions there is/was a bug where some data was being removed prematurely, specifically from the extended job run information (the details of the std* files from a specific run).

That is/was addressed as of 11.3.6 sp8

Problem Number: 4712
If a job has std_out_file file as part of a long running box that started several weeks ago and is still in the running status, then when you run the DBMaint script, you cannot retrieve the std_out_file file using the autosyslog -J job -tO command. 

So here is your check list:
make sure you are at AE 11.3.6 sp8 or higher.
make sure the run and extended run details exist in the db. (see note below about checking the ae db entries) 
make sure the actual std* files exist on the agent